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Non-UK Residents

Proposed Changes will affect acquisitions of English residential property by non-UK resident purchasers, be they individuals, companies, trusts or partnerships.

The proposed surcharge of 2% will apply on top of existing  SDLT rates, including the higher rates on additional dwellings, from April 1st 2021.

The  surcharge remains subject to Parliamentary approval. The objective is to make house prices more affordable and help people to get onto and move up the housing ladder.



Neighbourhood Alert

We have been advised that “as levels of the Virus continue to escalate and in an effort to control it locally.”

Thames Valley Police and partners RBWM Borough Council   will “be increasing enforcement for breaches of the Government’s Covid regulations”

Help by – Washing your Hands – Keeping your Distance – Wearing a mask.

“If you see breaches of Covid legislation, please call 101 or the more recommended route, of using the webform  on the TVP website.

Covid -19 Changing the local Property Market

As we approach 7 months after the country went into lock down, which did ease, bit by bit through the summer, we continue to see a trend of people looking to rent or buy in the area, moving out of London and its suburbs in search of , better value, more space both inside and out and quality of life.

The pandemic has for many has meant working from home, Giving the opportunity to in-part redress the work-life balance.  With 5-day a week commuting now a memory, a longer journey a day or two a week if required, doesn’t seem a problem.  The new commute is now often just a trip to another room.

Properties in the area offering value and space are  increasingly popular.  Now is a good time to make the move.

Renting or Buying – Letting or Selling

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